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A Gift of the Stars

 If you had lost your past, would you be willing to risk your future to find it?

A Gift of the Stars is the first book in The Tales of Zren Janin series. A story of fantasy, myth, and the road to understanding how to accept those that are different—including ourselves.

Welcome to the World of
M.L. Dunker

Author of the highly-anticipated series, The Tales of Zren Janin.

“The author's worldbuilding shines...” — Kirkus Reviews

The story of

M.L. Dunker

A reader for as long as she can remember, when she thought the books didn’t reflect the people she knew and loved, she wrote her own stories.

A reader and a writer with a desire to fill the world with acceptance and diversity, she truly believes the most important piece of paper anyone will ever own is a passport. Currently she travels mostly in South, Central, and North America, India, and the Philippines as a global auditor. When she is not traveling around the world, or in her tiny caravan visiting state and national parks, small towns and big cities, she is scribbling down stories about all the food, people, places, and events she is lucky enough to encounter. She has post graduate degrees in library science and creative writing. She lives with another like-minded soul in magical woods on the shores of a Minnesota lake.


A Gift of the Stars

War and Wrens

They wore their confidence and their competence in their abilities like a skin or a smile.

M.L. Dunker

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