Exclusive Sneak-Peek
Exclusive Sneak-Peek

War and Wrens

It has been two years since Zren Janin was found on the road to Aldi. He has found a family and a place to belong with the Conrosans at Manumina, and now that home is threatened. In desperation, he writes Ngahuru, the great Softfoot of the West Islands. He tells her war has come to Kerek and the Kereki army has tried to burn them out at Manumina. He asks for help to keep his people safe…

War and Wrens is the third book in The Tales of Zren Janin series. A story of fantasy, adventure, war, and the road to understanding how to accept those that are different—including ourselves.

Click below for a preview of the next exciting installment of The Tales of Zren Janin.

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